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Who Am I?

Hey, I’m Charles.
In 2021, after being a copywriter for 3 years and building my social media following to over 200,000, I decided to fully commit to personal branding. In the 2 years since, I’ve helped my clients gain over 1,000,000 followers and make over $10,000,000. Now I’m teaching my strategies to regular people with free/affordable products and services.
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21 Places To Get Content Ideas

“Where do I find content ideas?” I get this question every day. So I created the perfect answer. Here are 21 places to find content ideas.... (The last one is the best of all) 1. Twitter is great for pretty much any niche. The best way to find high-engagement content is with the free Tweet Hunter X Chrome Extension. It shows you creators’ top posts all in one place.

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The First Step To Building a Personal Brand

I've worked with about 25 CEO personal brand growth clients. I've consulted with about 200 more. In both cases, after learning a bit about what they do, I say something like: Which outcome do you want the most? Clients? Customers? Followers? You can't want multiple things, but I'd love to know which is your top priority...

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