Friday, October 20, 2023

How To Turn Text Into Photos

By Charles Miller

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're a writer.

And a lot of writers don't want to deal with:

  • Photos
  • Videos

They just want to write.

I'm the same way.

But I've adapted because I know that photos help on some platforms (like LinkedIn) and are essential on other platforms (like Instagram).

Here's the good news:

For educational brands, text-based photos are even better than photos of you.

So you don't need to turn into a "selfie person".

You don't need to be on video all the time.

You can just turn your writing into photos and PDFs.

Ways to do it...

1. TweetPik

This tool was acquired by Tweet Hunter recently.

It turns tweets into attractive photos instantly.

I use it for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

All I do is tweet, copy the link, and let TweetPik do the rest.


Charles Miller

2. Canva

If you want a different aesthetic, use Canva.

It has a free plan, and the paid plan is cheap.

You can do simple text-based photos that look similar to what TweetPik does:

Sam Szuchan

Or you can get fancier with your designs, like my friend Colby (growwithcolby) does:

7 mental models

3. A Bit Harder

You can do harder stuff like infographics too.

If you can't create something like this on your own, try to find a good template or hire an affordable pro to help you.

This one from Luke is a written how-to guide, but it's presented as an infographic instead:

Luke Matthews

4. Video

Some people even turn their writing into videos.

You can do that by talking to the camera (Alex Hormozi said that most of his TikToks/Reels are just him reading modified versions of tweets).

But you can also get an animator to turn your words into short videos.

Dan Koe has had success doing that:


It's pricey, but it's worth considering.

The big point:

Photo and video aren't completely different types of content.

They can just be your writing presented slightly differently.

Understand this, find your preferred presentation method, expand to other platforms, and optimize the ones you're already on.

That's how you go from "just a writer" to a well-rounded content creator.

- Charles

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