November 17, 2023

7 ChatGPT Prompts For Content Creators

By Charles Miller

"AI just killed copywriters"

"AI just killed web designers"

"AI just killed video editors"

If you spent any time on social media this year, you've probably seen that classic hook.

What usually followed it was an illustration of AI doing something unimpressive.

The idea that AI has made creatives obsolete is ridiculous.

But there's a kernel of truth: AI does make our jobs a bit easier.

Here are the 7 ChatGPT prompts I use most:

1. Post Finishing

Start writing your post, then let ChatGPT finish it.

The most common way I do that is by writing lists and telling it to add more things that fit on the list.


"I just wrote the start of this post:

{The start of the post}

Add 5 more list items that match the sentiment and formatting of the post, then finish with a short, impactful concluding line."

Adjust that prompt for different post-finishing tasks you might need (you won't always need more list items).

Then edit and publish.

2. Post Remixing

Past posts from you and other creators are great because, if they got good engagement, they've been validated already.

But you can't copy those posts, and if they're from another creator, you need to make them significantly different.


"This post did well:

{The post}

Tell me the core emotional angle that made it do well, then write me 5 posts that are from that same angle but distinctly different from the original."

See what it gives you, then either edit one of those or let it inspire you to create something new.

3. Topic Generation

This is a broad category that covers dozens of similar prompts.

You can ask ChatGPT to give you topic ideas about your broad niche, subniches within it, specific ideas, and more.


"Give me 20 post ideas about marketing."

"Give me 20 post ideas about cognitive biases in marketing."

"Give me 10 surprising marketing statistics that I could write a post about."

"I write for {detailed description of audience}. Give me 25 questions they might have, so I can create content that answers their questions."

If one of the ideas is good, use it.

If not, ask for more or be more specific in your prompt.

4. Post Research

Once you have an idea, ChatGPT can research it for you.

It won't work with current events, but it will for most things.


"I'm writing a post about cognitive biases in marketing. Give me 15 that I might include in it."

That'll give you what you need quickly rather than you needing to do Google searches and look at different blogs.

5. Famous Quotes

Famous quotes are often famous because they hit an emotionally resonant angle.

You can take that angle and write something for yourself.


"Give me 20 famous quotes about marketing."

Look through, find an angle, then remix it into something new.

You can do that by injecting personality and personal experience.

6. Write Like {Influencer}

Similar to the last one, you can have ChatGPT write posts that it thinks a famous influencer would write.

These provide the same value that actual posts do.


"Write 10 tweets that you think Gary Vaynerchuk would write."

Again, find angles, then remix them.

Just make sure you use a very well-known person, because ChatGPT probably won't know about low or medium-level infllueners.

7. Pain Points

Problems cause pain.

Solving those problems often makes for great content, and ChatGPT can help you brainstorm which problems to solve.


"I create content for eCommerce store founders who are struggling with marketing. What are their top 30 pain points?"

Get the pain points, then create problem-solving content.

Or ask ChatGPT for post ideas based on those pain points.

Last Thoughts

AI isn't replacing you.

But you can use it to create better and faster.

Use these prompts to make it happen.

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