November 10, 2023

21 Places To Find Content Ideas

By Charles Miller

“Where do I find content ideas?”

I get this question every day. Literally.

So I created the perfect answer.

Here are 21 places to find content ideas...

(The last one is the best of all)


A bunch of these will be other content creators. Never copy content, and don’t even reword it. Instead, consume to find angles and formats that work. Then turn those into original content.

Now, here’s the list…

1. Twitter

Twitter is great for pretty much any niche.

The best way to find high-engagement content is with the free Tweet Hunter X Chrome Extension.

It shows you creators’ top posts all in one place.

2. LinkedIn

This is another great platform to get ideas.

The content tends toward business, marketing, and the workplace, but you can find all kinds of creators on here.

Find a few in your niche and read their stuff.

3. YouTube

If you’re more of a visual learner, try YouTube.

Shorts = Short-form content

Videos = Longer content

Doesn’t matter that it’s video instead of written.

Still the same idea.

4. Blogs

Blogs are great for getter ideas that are deeper than the ones you usually find in social media posts.

You can get inspiration from just the titles.

Or you can go into articles and find more ideas.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is great for finding visuals.

It has tons of infographics that you can use for inspiration or post with credit to the original creator.

It also has lots of quotes that you can pull angles from.

Search the top terms in your niche and see what you find.

6. Quora

Quora is where people go when they have a question.

Answering questions is the basis of a lot of great content ideas.

Find questions on there, then write your own answers as posts.

7. Reddit

Reddit is similar to Quora in that people ask questions there.

They also share infographics and various other writeups.

It’s a great combination of questions, visuals, and text-based posts.

8. Instagram

Instagram is similar to Pinterest.

You can get ideas from text-based photos, captions, or Reels.

It also has a lot of tweet screenshots.

9. TikTok

Short-form videos are similar to short-form written posts.

Getting ideas from them is similar too.

Watch accounts in your niche until you have a good angle to build on.

10. Taplio / Tweet Hunter

These tools help you think of post ideas in a variety of ways.

The best one is showing you high-engagement posts from other creators.

Taplio is for LinkedIn. Tweet Hunter is for Twitter/X.

11. Podcasts

One podcast can have 10+ post ideas in it.

Listen while doing something passive like exercising.

Then write down angles as they come.

12. TED Talks

TED Talks are similar to YouTube videos, but they all have the same structure.

Watch some in your niche and look for resonant angles.

I bet you’ll find a bunch.

13. Books

Books in your niche are useful too.

I like to buy physical copies and keep them near my desk.

Then I’ll flip to a random page and skim a bit till I find an angle.

14. AI Chatbots

ChatGPT, Bard, and all the other ones all work.

Ask them for post ideas, subtopics within your niche, and more.

Then ask for adjustments if you don’t like what the bot gives you.

15. Your Past Posts

Once you start creating, you can get inspiration from yourself.

Look for past posts with good engagement.

Then approach the same topic from a different angle.

16. Replies

You can turn questions in your post replies into more posts.

You can also reply to other people’s posts and turn those into full posts.

I do the second one at least once a week.

17. Writing To Yourself

Think of yourself from about 1.5-5 years ago.

Then writing something to that person.

There are a lot of people like you out there.

Teach them, inspire them, etc.

18. Walking

Movement gets your creative juices flowing.

Take a walk outside.

Wait for the ideas to start coming.

Then write them down and create posts from them later.

19. Conversations

Talk to people in your niche.

Talk to your followers.

Talk to other creators.

Find angles in your conversations.

20. Swipe Files

This is a file of the best posts and ideas you come across.

Create one in Google Drive, Notion, or anywhere else.

Add resonant ideas to a sheet and post photos to folders.

Tweet Hunter and Taplio have swipe files built into them.

21. Random Ideas

The more you create, the more often you’ll have random spurts of inspiration.

When that happens, write down whatever comes into your head.

Do it with a pen/paper or in an app like Notion.


If you have the perfect thing to write about, write about it.

If not, use this list to find content ideas.

Either way, you’ll always have something to create.

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