April 28, 2024

27 LinkedIn Tips & Tricks That Most People Miss

By Charles Miller

LinkedIn is a money printer.

But most don’t use it right.

I made a list of 27 profitable LinkedIn tips and tricks that almost nobody takes advantage of. If you do, you'll quickly become a top-1% user on the platform.

For professionals, that'll mean more job interviews, attention from hiring managers, and connections with recruiters.

For freelancers and entrepreneurs, it'll mean more clients, customers, and followers.

For everyone, it'll mean a larger network.

I've used these to turn LinkedIn into a $300k+ per year income stream. Now they're yours...

1. Use LinkedIn Search Correctly

One example:

  • Search a term like “CMO”
  • Click “people”
  • Filter in a variety of ways
  • Do personalized outreach
  • Get clients/jobs/etc

You can also pay for premium if you want to make this system more efficient.

2. Put A Keyword In Your Profile

People use LinkedIn search all the time.

If you have a keyword in there (e.g. software developer), they’ll be more likely to find you.

Identify your most important keyword(s) and organically put them in your bio.

3. Optimize Your Header Photo

Most LinkedIn users leave it blank or put a low-effort photo up.

Invest in making your visually appealing with good copywriting.

You can make it yourself in Canva or hire someone on Upwork or Fiverr.

4. Optimize Your Profile Photo

At the very least, make sure it's a high-resolution picture that clearly shows your face.

If you want, you can get a bit fancier by adding a colored background.

Lots of the biggest accounts match the color scheme of their profile photo and header photo to create a cohesive brand.

5. Personalize your URL

“Jeff-4325245343554” doesn’t look great.

Hit the “public profile & URL” edit button and try a few URLs until you find one that’s not already taken.

This will be harder if you have the world’s most generic name, like me.

6. Consider Using Creator Mode

This gives you a few useful tools for content creators. If you’re not publishing content, that’s okay, but if you are, use this.

7. Use Social Proof

My bio mentions results I’ve gotten for clients, and I lead my About section with case studies.

Other people will mention big-name past employers or famous companies they’ve worked with.

If you have anything like that, use it.

8. Create Content

You don’t need to be a full-time creator to post. You can do something like 3x a week instead.

That’s enough to get some leverage. It’ll also likely make your profile more appealing to employers.

9. Promote Yourself

If you sell a service, mention it in posts and DMs often. It's especially effective when you share results, like an outcome your drove for a client.

If you sell a product or are trying to get a job, do the same thing.

As long as you're not bragging, you should promote yourself often.

10. Add a Link With a Custom CTA

LinkedIn used to not have profile links.

A couple years ago, they started letting you add a link with a customized call-to-action text.

Pick your most important offer, make a link for it, and put it on your profile. Or, you can highlight your work or yourself with a portfolio or personal website.

11. Add Contact Info

This is another thing you can do while editing your profile.

It makes it easier for people to reach you.

Especially ones who prefer email over LinkedIn DMs.

12. Send Personalized Connection Requests

Most LinkedIn users never connect with anyone. This limits their potential network size.

Many others don't personalize those requests, which leads to fewer acceptances.

Come up with actual unique notes and send them to people you actually want to talk to.

13. Maximize Your Experience Section

Job name and title are fine, but they don't generate interest.

Flex your copywriting skills, describe your experience in a way that makes you appealing to hire, use proof of results, and/or use social proof like testimonials from former employers.

Also consider adding media like images or links.

14. Optimize Your About Section

Make your about section appealing to readers.

This is not just your story. It’s your story told in a way that leads to your desired outcome.

For example, don’t just talk about your experience. Talk about delivering outcomes to past clients/employers.

15. Maybe Add Non-Core Profile Sections

There are some profile sections that aren't standard but might be useful for you.

For example, volunteer work might be a strength of yours. You can add a section specifically for that.

There are many other non-core sections to choose from too.

16. Follow Up On Connections

Don’t just get connections and collect them like Pokémon cards.

After they accept, start conversations.

If you have nothing to sell them, mention that right away. Find a balance between being casual while also pushing the interaction forward.

17. Keep Up With Connections

You can do better than just talking once.

If you enjoy someone or think there is mutual benefit in collaborating, reach out periodically.

You can even set reminders to do this once every few months.

18. Comment A Lot

You don’t need to be a high-volume creator to benefit from the content side of LinkedIn.

Comments on people’s posts and start conversations in their replies.

That’ll get you connections and maybe some followers too.

19. Use Images & Carousels

They make your posts more appealing and add length to them so they’re more eye-catching.

For carousels, turn useful information into a PDF and post it as a document.

For images, build them in Canva, pay someone else to, or occasionally post photos of yourself. I've found that text-based photos work best. That includes ones that look like tweet screenshots and infographics.

20. Experiment With Video

Though carousels and images seem to do best, videos can be good too, and they build trust by showing your audience who you are.

Consider adding them to your content strategy.

21. Create A Posting System

First, choose a schedule like M, W, F, all weekdays, or every day.

Then choose a time where your followers are active (I've found at 7am-10am Eastern time works well for most people).

Lastly, execute on that system weekly. Predictability helps you be consistent.

22. Get Inspiration From Others

You can read other people’s posts, find a resonant angle/idea in them, and then create a post based on it that’s entirely original.

All creators do this.

If you plan to start posting content, get ideas from established creators in your niche, then put your own spin on them and inject your experiences.

23. Build A Simple Website

It doesn't have to have a blog or be complicated in any way.

It can just be a one-pager with important links, contact info, and/or your work.

It's professional and will likely get you more leads.

24. Use Your Featured Section

My favorite use is linking to my most important offer.

That might mean a Typeform to collect leads, a Calendly to books calls, a newsletter opt-in page, a product sales page, or a landing page for yourself or a service.

I recommend having three links at most. Ideally, have just one so people don't get distracted. by the others. I don't recommend featuring your top past posts. That doesn't help you much.

25. Get Personal

Tell your story and share your opinions.

Only posting useful information is good, but people want more than that. Talk about your experiences and what you believe.

Do it in a way that’s appealing to your audience.

26. Use P.S. Plugs

Add a “P.S.” to the end of your posts.

Put a little advertisement in it, ask a question that gets replies, or ask people to repost your post.

Almost everyone reads the PS. Use it.

27. Understand The Nature Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a place to make money. It’s a massive virtual networking event.

Treat it like that instead of robotically selling all the time.

Reply, connect, start conversations, have fun, and be you.

That’s how you win long-term.

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