December 19, 2023

My Top Marketing Psychology Tricks

By Charles Miller

I’ve generated over $20,000,000 in sales as a copy and content writer.

That started with being an email copywriter for 2 years, where I worked with eCommerce brands. It continued with my personal brand growth services, which I've been doing for about 2 years now too.

For both offers, the key was understanding psychology.

Now I want you to steal my top marketing psychology tricks.

I'll give a brief overview of each of them.

If one catches your eye, you can research it more.

Here they are...

Cialdini's 7 Principles

These come from Influence, which is one of the most famous marketing books of all time:

  1. Liking - When you like a person or brand, you're more likely to buy.
  2. Unity - Forming a tribe of like-minded people drives conversions.
  3. Scarcity - When you limit supply (e.g. a flash sale), more people buy.
  4. Authority - When authoritative people or organizations endorse something, you're more likely to buy.
  5. Reciprocity - When a brand gives you some kind of value, you instinctively want to give them value back by buying.
  6. Consensus - When a lot of people all agree that something is good or bad, you instinctively want to agree with them.
  7. Consistency - When you act in a certain way, you instinctively want to act consistently (which sometimes means buying).

These are the top persuasive tools in your kit.

Ca$hvertising's Life Force 8

From the Drew Eric Whitman book, Ca$hvertising:

  • Social approval
  • Enjoyment of food
  • To be superior, winning
  • Romantic companionship
  • Survival, enjoyment of life
  • Freedom from fear, pain, etc
  • Comfortable living conditions
  • Care/protection of loved ones

These are what people care about most.

Ca$hvertising's 9 Secondary Wants

From the same book:

  • Bargains
  • Curiosity
  • Efficiency
  • Cleanliness
  • Convenience
  • To be informed
  • Economy/Profit
  • Dependability/Quality
  • Expression of beauty/style

These aren't as powerful as the LF8, but they're worth knowing.

The FOMO Toolkit

"Fear of missing out" is how you get people to buy right now, as opposed to wanting your offer but deciding they'll buy it another time.

There are 2 ways to create it:

  1. Scarcity - Limit the supply of a product, discount, or opportunity.
  2. Persuasion - Create so much desire for an offer that you don’t need scarcity to create FOMO. Social proof, the bandwagon effect, and appealing to deep emotions help a lot with this.

Anyone can use scarcity.

Creating FOMO through pure persuasion is trickier.

The Trust-Building Toolkit

Trust leads to conversion.

Especially if you sell a problem-solving product.

Create it with these:

  • Reviews
  • Case studies
  • Demonstrations
  • Personal results
  • Video testimonials
  • Expert endorsements
  • User generated content
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Showing your personality
  • Total followers/customers/etc
  • Being honest and transparent


This is a more advanced concept.

It's often the difference between selling and getting passed over, and it's especially importany in crowded markets.

Aspects of positioning:

  1. Audience - Who you sell/write to and how they view the market.
  2. Competition - Who your competitors are and how they position themselves.
  3. Differentiation - How you separate from the market and appeal to a portion of the broader audience.

Once you get the basic marketing psychology tricks down, put a lot of thought into positioning.

Content Formula

This is the formula I use for all long-form content:

  1. Hook - Grab attention with results, a list title, a question, etc.
  2. Lead - Add a line that persuades people to read the body.
  3. Deliver - Give the value that you promised in the hook/lead.
  4. Conclude - Finish with impact, maybe call to action.

It works well for blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter/X, and more.

Last Thoughts

Those are my top marketing psychology tricks.

But they're not really tricks.

Instead, they're foundational blocks that you can apply to any type of copywriting and marketing.

I suggest you do.

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